Natural Disasters, Overuse & Pollution

This article was created by Tim Weathers, a h20 Damage Phx consultant and technician. He’s been working with natural disaster clean ups for over 20 years now, throughout his career.

Water is not always a blessing. It can also be a source of disasters. In fact, 80 percent of the natural disasters such as floods and tsunamis are directly or indirectly related to water.

Due to deforestation and poor coastal relations, the world today experiences tremendous water related disasters. These irresponsible acts also cause climate change, which is predicted to affect the lives of many in years to come.

The Main Cause of Water Problems: Overuse

Irrigation and waste manage are one of the biggest problems in the water sector. Coupled with the massive population growth and a change in consumer behavior, the supply of fresh water becomes scarcer over the years.

For example, today people eat more meat than vegetables. The amount water used in the production of these goods differs greatly and it affects the indirect water usage. The amount of water used in producing one kilo of rice is 2,500 liters of water, while producing 1 kilo of beef requires 15,000 liters of water.

The use of such water extensive products affects the amount of water availability in the planet. In addition, it also affects the economic condition of countries.

Water Pollution

Water pollution directly affects water availability. Today, in both industrialized and developing countries, many people begin to realize the problem of water scarcity as the amount of portable water decreases rapidly in most its metropolitan areas. In developing countries specifically, 90 percent of wastes pours untreated to the rivers, lakes, and seas.

Inadequate Management

The topic about water is rarely a political priority. In national sectors, the lack of efficiency in water management is the main problem. In the international level, there is huge lack of cooperation between nations.

Water is a very complex system and has numerous problems. As years and decades passes, the more pressure there will in water management and consumption.